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Lens Surface Types

Anti Reflection

Anti Reflection lenses remove the irritating reflections that spectacle wearers can suffer from. The advantages of anti reflection lenses are:

  • Reduces reflection and glare from the computer screens
  • Ideal for night driving
  • Suitable for all prescriptions
  • Gives clearer vision
  • Improved appearance

Scratch resistant

Scratch resistant lenses provide protection from everyday accidental damage. The extra protection prolongs the life of the lens whilst providing clearer vision,

  • Protects lens from everyday damage
  • Prolongs the life of the lens


A Photochromic lens has a variable tint that automatically adjusts to the sensitivity of the light. The lens gives clearer vision indoor and will darken in sunlight providing you with perfect vision in all conditions.

  • Lens tints adjust automatically to the UV rays
  • See clearly in all conditions
  • React quickly
  • Available in brown or grey
  • 100% UV protection


Whilst conventional sunglasses reduce brightness, only polarized lenses eliminate glare, which in turn reduces eyestrain, squinting and temporary blindness. With 100% glare protection , polarised lenses channel light in just one direction, rather then many directions as the suns rays bounce off horizontal surfaces such as water and snow.

  • Eliminated glare from snow, water, roads
  • Improves vision and comfort
  • 100% glare protection
  • Ideal for driving or skiing